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acess struct data without typing file name

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Carolina Brum Medeiros
Carolina Brum Medeiros on 14 Apr 2012
you answered my question offering as option U=load(); but unfortunately this doesn't solve my problem.
by using uigetfile I can select the .mat file that contains my structured data. this is good. I have multiple files named, i.e. bending0001, bending0002, bending0003 and so on
to access the data, I'm doing this, for example:
Analog_SG_full = bending0001.Analog.Data(1,:);
as I have multiple files and multiple fields from which I want to extract data, I don't want to type the name bending000X for each access.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Apr 2012
for K = 1 : 3
fileName = sprintf('bending%04d.mat', K);
U = load(fileName);
fprintf('\nData for file %d\n', K);
Carolina Brum Medeiros
Carolina Brum Medeiros on 20 Apr 2012
Dear Walter, this really works good!!!
thank you so much!

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