Is there any way to navigate through UITable (App Designer) cells with arrow keys?

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I have a table in my GUI built in App Designer. Table is filled with some data (aprox. 10 cols and several hundred rows). User can change values inside cells and save table contents in .xsl file.
The problem is navigating through table cells. It seems to support only mouse clicks to select cells. Is there any way to select cell in next/previous row with only keyboard keys? I think there's no "KeyPress" callback on App Designer's UITable. I know App Designer has still a lot of limitations but this seems to be really basic functionality to me.
Also I noticed, that arrow keys are used to "scroll" through table if the content doesn't fit in table area.
Is there any way to do it in current version of MATLAB (R2017a)? Maybe some workaround or undocumented way?
Rik on 6 Nov 2017
Sorry, my bad. I read too quickly (and didn't read the page itself): search result. It was about the normal figures, instead of UIFigures.

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