How to get stiffness and damping values for single degree of freedom?

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I'm doing mathematical modeling for (SDOF) a car seat which has mass 20 kg. I need stiffness and damping values to solve the equation of motion in Matlab. So please can u tell me any procedure to get these value.

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KSSV el 7 de Nov. de 2017
There is a relation between natural frequency, stiffness and mass.....the relation is :
w = sqrt(k/m) ;
As you want to find what should be k...then you have to decide/ fix frequency w and then get k, as m is known.
YOu can have a look on Rayleigh damping, to fix the take damping value. Rayleigh damping depends on K and M.
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raju patel
raju patel el 8 de Nov. de 2017
On what factors I have to fix the value of a and b. Since some journal has suggested to fix 5percent for zeta value and get the C value.

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M el 7 de Nov. de 2017
Stiffness and Damping values depend on the material of the car seat you're studying.
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raju patel
raju patel el 7 de Nov. de 2017
I have understood what have u answered but I there any experiment or simulation way to get the exact values?

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