how can i obtain this ?

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diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
Commented: diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
i would like to use the command reshape to convert a vector v=11:99 to a matrix (9x9), how can i do this, can anyone help me ?

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Birdman on 21 Nov 2017
You can not do it when v=11:99.
If you want to convert to 9x9 matrix, then you need to have 81 elements in your vector, with this you have 89. If you define it as v=11:91, then the following command will do what you want.
diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
that's exactly , what i want, thank you very much.

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KL on 21 Nov 2017
Simpler with just one line,
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diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
thank you Mr,Kl for your answer.

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