how to use the loop for?

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diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
Commented: diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
i would like to use the loop for that looks for the maximum of a vector and its position without using the 'max.can anyone help me ?
diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
Edited: diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
can you help me, please ?

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Accepted Answer

KL on 21 Nov 2017
you have got it almost right, you just need to put them inside the loop. I'll give you some tips to work further.
  • first assign the first value of the vector to maxi and set indice to 1.
maxi = x(1);
indice = 1;
  • then loop through number of elements of x starting from 2 (since we have assigned first value of x to maxi),
for k=2:numel(x)
%and the remainig logic
end %end of if
end %end of for
  • in your if else condition, you do not have to assign maxi=maxi for the else case, you can simply write continue;. This will continue to the next iteration.
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diadalina on 21 Nov 2017
thank you Mr,Kl, , i had got this,
for i=2:length(x)
if x(i)>maxi
i think, that's the right way, thank you for your tips.

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