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Is there a 'iscloud' (ispc equivalent) command in MATLAB Online?

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Eddie on 25 Jan 2018
Commented: Eddie on 3 Feb 2018
My Apps runs on PC, Mac, and Linux. MATLAB Online runs on UNIX servers. So 'isunix' won't distinguish it from a local Linux setup. Is there a 'iscloud' or similar function that I can use in my code to tell that it is executed online?
The following screenshot is taken when running MATLAB Online


Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 2 Feb 2018
Why do you want to distinguish between running your code on a local Linux cluster or on MATLAB Online? What do you expect or want to behave differently in the two scenarios?
Eddie on 3 Feb 2018
Mainly adjusting my GUI to the look and feel of the underlying OS. The Online version has a very different look and feel from my Ubuntu installation, therefore all the buttons/tabs/texts are out of place or not sized properly to fit in the online version of look and feel.

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Soumya Saxena
Soumya Saxena on 2 Feb 2018
There is no function analogous to ispc according to the document.


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