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I'd like to be able to control the seeding of an Event Generation in SimEvent

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I have an event I want to create every year with a distribution associated with it. Say +/- 6 months distriubuted normally.
As a beginner, I've started with dt=rand(1,1)*12, just to get a feel for what happens: this is working giving a distribution between 0 months and 12 months. I ask also don't know how to control the seed for the randomness?
For some context, I'm writing a model to understand a manufacturing supply chain, the events a new product line, with a probability of success attributed to them. I want to understand the variability in capacity I need to build into the R&D and Commercial supply chain.

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Teresa Hubscher-Younger
Teresa Hubscher-Younger on 16 Mar 2018
You are able to control the seed used for randomization used in SimEvents. See here:
Hope this helps, Teresa

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