TIVA+ThingSpeak connection for IoT ?

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GAURAV DESHMUKH on 23 Mar 2018
I want to connect my tiva tm4c 123gh6pm board to thingspeak via wifi. I tried coding in energia but it showed : thingspeak.cpp:6:24: fatal error: ThingSpeak.h: No such file or directory #include ThingSpeak.h I want to analyse my sensor data in matlab as I get it in thingspeak.
What do I do now to resolve the issue?
Please suggest solution for the same.
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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 26 Mar 2018
It looks like you are trying to use the ThingSpeak Communication Library. It is not presently compatible with the tiva tm4c 123gh6pm. Are you able to make an ethernet connection? Perhaps you are using some other hardware to make the connection (such as Arduino or ESP8266)?

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