Is it possible to input an N-by-M signal (matrix) into into a State Flow Chart?

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I have an N-by-M matrix that I am trying to pass as an input into a State Flow Chart, but the Model errors out when setting the data Size inside the Model Explorer to be [MxN]. My temporary solution is reshaping the matrix to a 1-by-NxM array before entering the chart, and then reshaping again inside, but I would really like to pass the entire matrix for other reasons. Any ideas?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 30 Apr 2018
In a Stateflow chart, add an "Input from Simulink" called "data", define the size as [5,5]. Add an "Output to Simulink" called "data1", add a default transition, specify the action as {data1=data(2,2);}
Outside the Stateflow chart, add a Constant block, specify the value as "magic(5)" or "rand(5)", connect, run simulation, observe the output.

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CP on 30 Apr 2018
Thank you.


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