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Using Simulink with load cell and amplifier HX711

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Qais El-Bakaein
Qais El-Bakaein on 17 Jun 2018
Commented: Jiang Ping on 14 Jan 2019
I have checked the similar questions and could not find an answer. I am using a load cell and an amplifier HX711 with arduino uno and simulink. I trying to make a S-Function with the help of the library provided
But so far unsuccessful!! Is there an easier way to do it? if not can someone help me build the S-function? I am quite new to programming and quite bad with C.
I would appreciate any help with this :) thanks
Jiang Ping
Jiang Ping on 14 Jan 2019
I am not quite sure how to ‘have a sketch (C code) on the arduino that calls upon those libraries.....'. I know that certain functions with existing lib can be built, but I am not sure how. Appreciate it if you could enlighten a bit.
My final goal is to buit the whole model in simulink and read real time data on it.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jun 2018
However, in order to calibrate the device, you need the libraries I linked to, or the libraries that you linked to. Those libraries run on the Arduino.
If you decide to use readDigitalPin from the MATLAB side, you will probably not be able to sample faster than 4 to 10 Hz, with 1000 Hz as the maximum ever possible with that method because of the way that USB is designed.
If you need more than 4 or so Hz sampling, then you need to have code on the Arduino side that reads multiple samples and sends the group of samples to MATLAB.




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