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import multiple text file,my loop has a problem!?

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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima el 18 de Jun. de 2018
Editada: Samaneh Arzpeima el 18 de Jun. de 2018
I have 71 dat file(site*dat), each has 8 columns and 100021 rows. The first 21 rows are headers that I don’t need. What I want to do is read all these files and visualize my data. I somehow make a loop and read these data, but in some points I get obviously outliers. I attached one of my graphs, curves drop down in some points. I also attached my codes, where I get 2 columns of each file, find the maximum and plot them. There should be some mistakes in my loop I guess, but I can’t figure it at all. Could anyone help me with this problem. Any hint will be appreciated
※I came to underrstand that this loop,found my first file's maximum for 5th loop,but from file 2 to 71th,the generated maximums got out of steps.

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Yuvaraj Venkataswamy
Yuvaraj Venkataswamy el 18 de Jun. de 2018
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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima el 18 de Jun. de 2018
Thank you. I want to know where is the mistake in my code. I have got a very close graph with one I want,but the curve drops in some points suddenly, it supposed to be a smooth curve.

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