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how can i write data into excel sheet in MATLAB ?

I have a GUI, from which I need to write data to an excel sheet. The data contains both text and numeric content, which is read from a sheet, but before I write to same sheet. it is edited, the data for a specific row/ column and then write whole data to the same sheet For example, I made changes to one or more cells in specific row /column keeping others unchanged ... then it needs to write the whole data after the changes to same sheet using pushbutton callback


xlswrite() and writetable() both accept sheet numbers or names.
I use xlsread() function to read data from file as shown below
[dataP dataN Raw] = xlsread(LL,All{1});
Then I make changes to dataP which is numeric array, and later when I write to excel sheet using following code
It does not update the data, means edited data in dataP array is not reflected ... though it writes both numeric and text arrays to location specified. why ?

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 7 Jul 2018
 Accepted Answer

"It does not update the data, means edited data in dataP array is not reflected" Well, did you write out dataP? No. You wrote out Raw only. So you did not write out anything that got changed, so of course nothing got changed. Write out dataP if you want a new dataP in the workbook file.
By the way, don't use All for a variable name - it's too close to a built-in function called all().


If I write out dataP only, it is erasing the text data in existing file, though it updates with the values changed. and if write both dataP and dataN one after another, dataN is erasing the numeric data so, how can I ensure that both text and numeric arrays are present after making changes ?
You can make up a cell array and write that out with one call to xlswrite.

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