Remove image outside of Contour Plot

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The following code gives the attached image.
figure, imshow(NT,'DisplayRange',[]);
hold on
MNSContourThreshold = 0.5*double(MaxNonSpecific)
contour(NT,[MNSContourThreshold MNSContourThreshold], 'color', 'g')
I now want to set every pixel (within the brain image) on the outside of the contour line to 1 (Black).

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Jul 2018
What exactly does that mean? You mean you want a 1-D list of all pixel values outside one of the contour lines? The contour line at which level? Then do this:
mask = NT < someValue; % or >
pixelValues = NT(mask); % A 1-D list of all pixels below someValue.
Or do you want to mask the image, like you want a 2-D image but want the inside of the contour blackened or set to some other value like 1 or 255 or inf or nan? Like
NT(mask) = someValue; % For example NT(mask) = 0;
Harry Andrews
Harry Andrews on 9 Jul 2018
Ah you hero, sorted!!! Thank You ❤

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