Matlab Function in Simulink not allowing fortran scientific notation?

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Wiley Mosley
Wiley Mosley on 30 Aug 2018
Answered: Wiley Mosley on 13 Jun 2019
--Edited for clarity--
In Simulink you can create a constant block with a value of 3.14D2 which will lead to an output of 314.
In Matlab you can create a constant with a value of 3.14D2 which will also give an output of 314.
However, when you place a matlab function block in a simulink model and within that function you define a variable equal to 3.14D2 the resulting output is 3.14
Is there something I am needing to change to allow this function within a model to work correctly without manually changing the 3.14D2 to 3.14E2? Is there a setting to reinstate this functionality of utilizing Fortran notation in Matlab 2017b?
Summary: Functions originally in Fortran, recreated in matlab function blocks (2015a), attempting to update to 2017b. Lots of functions, lots of variables, was not originally written by me.
I would expect Matlab + Simulink to handle this gracefully, but it does not.
dpb on 4 Sep 2018
Yeech! As James said, that's nasty!
Bug city, indeed. :(
This one will be most interesting to see what TMW's response is if it is, in fact, perceived as anything but a bug.

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Accepted Answer

Wiley Mosley
Wiley Mosley on 13 Jun 2019
This was successfully addresed in a bug fix and update to 2019a.

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