Typecasting a matrix of 200x8 uint8 to double

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vishwajit jadhav
vishwajit jadhav on 18 Sep 2018
I am typecasting data from uint8 to double so I am using typecast function. I have matrix of 200x8 uint8 which want to convert it into double. So if I use a for loop like below.
if true
convert_double = [];
a = [200x8];
for i =1:200
convert_double = [convert_double; typecast(uint8(a(i,:)), 'double')];
But I want to remove this for loop so that in one instance itself I will get 200x1 double data

Answers (2)

Guillaume on 18 Sep 2018
Transpose your a before reshaping into a vector:
convert_double = typecast(reshape(uint8(a'), 1, []), 'double')

Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace on 18 Sep 2018
Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace on 18 Sep 2018
Absolutely, depends on what the author wants to do with the data. After seeing your answer I see what the "200x1 double data" portion was aiming at.

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