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Why does MATLAB Compiler give an error during packaging

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Fabian Gock
Fabian Gock on 2 Oct 2018
Answered: Harsh on 2 Oct 2018
I want to create a standalone application of a gui. Therefore I call 'deploytool', select the .mlapp file and choose 'package'. After creating the bin files, the Compiler gives the following error:
Failed to embed install bundle, /XXX/XXX, in the installer.
Update resource failed: 110
Failed to create the full installer.
No installer package created.
Thanks in advance, Fabian


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Accepted Answer

Harsh on 2 Oct 2018
There are several known causes for this error. Some potential things to check:
  1. Is the .mlapp file somehow "locked" or quarantined by some security tool? Do you have an antivirus software? If so, does the issue get resolved if you turn it off?
  2. Is the code being compiled from a Network location / USB drive? If so, please try changing the directory (folder) of all source files and the destination directory and make sure all the files being compiled are on the local machine. Delete all files generated by the previous compilation. And then compile the code again.
  3. This error can also occur when there is low low Java Heap space or when MATLAB does not have sufficient memory available. Try increasing the Java Heap space & Shutdown other processes on the machine and attempt to free up as much memory as possible while packaging.


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