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How do i remove wide indents in MATLAB script editor ?

Asked by Vasishta Bhargava on 22 Nov 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Vasishta Bhargava on 23 Nov 2018
I am facing the wide indent problem in script editor.
Even though i apply the smart indent, it still shows a large indent of the statements
I tried preferences options, but the problem still persists.
However, it does not happen when i open a new file ?
When i click on wrap comments, it freezes Matlab !!! nothing works,


Please explain the details:
  • What does "I apply the smart indent" exactly mean?
  • How does the "large indent" look like? We cann guess, what you see.
  • Which preferences options did you set?
  • What does "open a new file" mean - create or open an existing file?
  • What does "freeze" mean exactly?
  • Which Matlab/OS versions are you using?
  • Did it work before any specific update and/or installation?
  • "Nothing works"?!
Smart indent button available in matlab editor
Large indent is like in the attached snapshots in the file (see the presentation1.pdf) file
Open a new file .. yes create or open new script file
Freeze is ... mouse and keyboard does not respond
MATLAB 2018b
Nothing works, also means Freezed ... neither keyboard, nor the mouse respond
update or installation ... not sure about it

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 22 Nov 2018
 Accepted Answer

Type control-a (to select all code), then control-i (to fix the indenting). You can set up how many spaces a tab corresponds to in the preferences.
If things are still not aligned properly then you have probably forgotten an "end" somewhere.


Thank you, the problem is resolved ..
Fine. What was the problem? How did you fix it?
In the command window, the preferences option, indenting tab, 'all nested functions' choice was selected. therefore, the statements were being wide indented to the right. when i pressed Ctrl + i, it was reset to default (left)

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