Set multiple attributes in entity generator block

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I am trying to build a SimEvents model from code.
I need to create multiple attributes for my entity generator block but for the add_block command I am only able to set one of them.
This is the code for my EntityGenerator creator:
add_block('built-in/entitygenerator',[sys '/eg'],'Position',pos,'TimeSource','MATLAB action', 'IntergenerationTimeAction','dt=exprnd(2);','entitytype','structured','AttributeName','Path' , 'AttributeInitialValue' ,'0' );

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 19 Dec 2018
Hi Marco,
The different attribute names and their initial values are delimited by the pipe symbol. For example if you want to add two attributes called 'Path1' and 'Path2' with initial values '0' and '1', you can use the following:
add_block('built-in/entitygenerator',[sys '/eg'],'Position',pos,'TimeSource','MATLAB action', 'IntergenerationTimeAction','dt=exprnd(2);','entitytype','structured','AttributeName','Path1|Path2' , 'AttributeInitialValue' ,'0|1' );
- Krishna

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