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How to get a value from a matrix?

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Danny Helwegen
Danny Helwegen on 12 Jan 2019
Commented: Danny Helwegen on 12 Jan 2019
Hi guys, I have a question that on the first glance seems really simple. I have a matrix of 2 columns and I have a value of the first column and want to know the corresponding value from the second column, For instance I have the following matrix:
Data =
0.1 0.50
0.15 0.72
0.2 0.37
0.25 0.18
0.3 0.65
I have the first value, 0.25 and now i want to know how to get the 0.18 from the matrix. The matrix of my problem has much more rows, but it's the same principle. I already written a code that works when I have 100 rows, but when I have 200 rows it doesn't work anymore (data of the second and first column also depend on the number of rows). This is the code I already wrote:
Uva = [x; T_plot]' %This is my matrix
ind1 = Uva(:,1) == 0.591; %Look for the right x
A1 = Uva(ind1,:); %Pick the row
Tsim = A1(2); %Assign the outcome to a new name
Can someone please help me?

Accepted Answer

Stephen on 12 Jan 2019
Edited: Stephen on 12 Jan 2019
You should never compare for exact equivalence of floating point numbers, read this to know why:
Always compare the absolute difference of values against a tolerance, like this:
>> data = [0.1,0.50;0.15,0.72;0.2,0.37;0.25,0.18;0.3,0.65]
data =
0.10000 0.50000
0.15000 0.72000
0.20000 0.37000
0.25000 0.18000
0.30000 0.65000
>> val = 0.15;
>> idx = abs(data(:,1)-val)<1e-5;
>> out = data(idx,2)
out = 0.72000
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Danny Helwegen
Danny Helwegen on 12 Jan 2019
Thanks for your help, to take a tolerance in account is a really good advice

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