Unable to change InitialPopulationMatrix in GA problem options

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I have a problem called fopt; in fopt.options, fopt.options.InitialPopulationMatrix = [];
fopt.options.InitialPopulationMatrix = 'doubleVector'; and finally, fopt.options.PopulationSize = 340 and
fopt.nvars = 11. So, I have a script where I define a variable w of size 340x11 and then set:
fopt.options.InitialPopulationMatrix = w
Matlab replies with
Invalid value for OPTIONS parameter InitialPopulationMatrix: must be a two-dimensional matrix.
I've tried everything I can to find the proble, but to no avail. Even setting the line just before
fopt.options.InitialPopulationMatrix = w
ans =
340 11
and ismatrix(w) returns 1..... I've never had any issues setting this property before, so any help greatly appreciated.
Tom Brenner
Tom Brenner on 1 Feb 2019
Edited: Tom Brenner on 1 Feb 2019
Thank you for the reply. Aha! I found the trouble thanks to you! It was not a cell array, but rather was defined from reading numeric values from variables of class SINGLE. Simply changing w into class DOUBLE (w = double(.....).....) solved the issue!
Thank you sir!
Edit: seeing as you posted a comment rather than an answer, I cannot accept it as one.... But obviously you solved my issue.

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