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error when loading a mat file

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Wesso on 3 Mar 2019
Commented: Wesso on 3 Mar 2019
I am simple trying to load a mat file called Step1 that has only two variables t20142018 and opts.When dowloading the file I receive a strange error. What could be the reason? I want to use opts to export excel files in other folders and I need to maintina the consistency. So I am afraid of chanfing anything in the opts variables that could affect my other imports.
opts = detectImportOptions(File);
A = readtable(File,opts); %
save step1 t20142018 opts
clear all
load step1
Error using (line 130)
Type cannot be set for datetime import options.
Use the setvartype function to change the variable type. For example,
opts = setvartype(opts, '', 'datetime')
Error in Step1_20142018 (line 25)
load step1
Wesso on 3 Mar 2019
the file is 45 mb,which doesn't allow me to upload it . and I can't open it since it gives error.

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