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Trying to load .mat file into App Designer and then graph it

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Emma Peek
Emma Peek on 25 Mar 2019
Commented: Emma Peek on 26 Mar 2019
I am having a hard time trying to load a .mat file into the workspace and then have it graphed. In the simple app I've designed I have a push button and an axes. This is the code I have for the push button thus far. The button successfully opens a window in which I can choose a file but I can't get that file to load into the axes. What am I missing in my code?
The error that comes up is on the 'load('.mat') line and reads: Error using load Unable to read file '.mat'. No such file or directory.
Do I need to add the file I've opened to my directory? How would I do that?
Thank you so much.
% Button pushed function: MagicButton
function MagicButtonPushed(app, event)
uigetfile('.mat','Select a File')
app.UIAxes.YLim= [-1000 1000]


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Accepted Answer

Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 26 Mar 2019
You need to set file path from uigetfile then load it.
[file,path] = uigetfile('*.mat', 'Select a File');
if isequal(file,0)
disp('User selected Cancel')
plot(app.UIAxes,[1;], XXX); % XXX is variable contains in you mat file
app.UIAxes.YLim= [-1000 1000]

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