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Is there an alternative method of adding annotations for BugFinder findings other than adding them to the source code or to the BugFinder report?

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Adding annotations for BugFinder findings in the source code does not work for me because they get overwritten whenever I generate code, and adding annotations to the BugFinder report does not align to my workflow. Is there an alternative way of adding annotations for BugFinder findings? I am currently putting the analysis in a separate text file and then manually copying it into the Polyspace report.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team el 19 de Jun. de 2024
Editada: MathWorks Support Team el 30 de Jun. de 2024 a las 16:21
This is a suggested workflow in this case:
1) Launch an analysis from Simulink.
2) Get your results from Polyspace: add Status/Severity and comments on checks, defects and coding rules that you do not wish to correct using the Polyspace UI during review.
3) As soon as you are re-launching and getting new results, these would be two possible scenarios:
Scenario 1:
The new results are in the same folder as the previous results or in a folder managed by Polyspace. In this case, Status/severity and comments will be automatically imported into new results. Please refer to the following link for more information (specifically to the section "Disable Automatic Comment Import from Last Analysis"):
Scenario 2:
The second scenario would be that it is an analysis coming from another desktop or on a model that has reused some block libraries. In this case, you can import previous comments from a previous analysis using the corresponding commands in the Polyspace UI. For more information about this, refer to the "Import Comments from Another Analysis Result" section in the previous link. You can also achieve this programmatically instead of using the Polyspace UI by using the following command in the command line.
>> polyspace-imports-comments.exe -h in <MATLAB root>\Polyspace\bin
You can find the location of the MATLAB root folder by typing the following command in the command line:

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