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error to get the answer by Kronecker

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Mariam Gasra
Mariam Gasra on 1 May 2019
Commented: imrankhan ajees on 1 May 2019
function K = kronecker(A,B)
if ~issparse(A) && ~issparse(B)
if ~ismatrix(A) || ~ismatrix(B)
error('kronecker:TwoDInput','Inputs must be 2-D.');
% Both inputs are full, result is full. This is faster than
% MATLAB stock kron (indexing based)
[ma, na] = size(A);
[mb, nb] = size(B);
A = reshape(A,[1 ma 1 na]);
B = reshape(B,[mb 1 nb 1]);
K = bsxfun(@times,A,B);
K = reshape(K,[ma*mb na*nb]);
else % One of the input matrix is sparse
% Call MATLAB stock KRON
K = kron(A,B);
how can i solve the error ?
imrankhan ajees
imrankhan ajees on 1 May 2019
copy the content on the command window after getting the error and post it otherwise we can't help you

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