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Mohammad Maliq
Mohammad Maliq on 7 May 2019
Commented: Mohammad Maliq on 11 May 2019
Hi all
I was hoping someone could help me with the following:-
I have 7 x matrices each matrix contains a set of XY co-ordinates of varying rows.
I am trying to display the co-ordiantes of each of these matrixes in a UI table using App Designer.
However I i can only display 1 x set of co-ordinates only. The code I have is shown below.
My current output looks like:-
As you can see Matlab only ouputs one set of co-ordinates.
Any ideas?
Thank you.
app.Results.Data = Data_Set_One, Data_Set_Two
Mohammad Maliq
Mohammad Maliq on 11 May 2019
Now that worked.

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