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How to plot smooth sine wave curves?

Asked by Amir Tawfik on 11 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Amir Tawfik on 11 May 2019
I want to plot the graph in the attached image in the positive direction, but I don't know how because clearly it isn't a sine wave. At least for one curve not necessary all curves( blue and red).Bump Graph 1.png


on 11 May 2019
Can't you plot sin() and add to data straight line?
@Darova - there was no need to flag image analyst's question. In fact, it very well might be something of significance. Even if in fact, his question turns out to be not pertinent, please don't flag someone for constructively attempting to make a positive contribution to a discussion. That is inappropriate.
In order to resolve anything here, I would need to know the actual data that went into creating the plot, and how was the data created. That is, do we in fact know the data is truly a sine wave? Or is it really just a vaguely sinusoidal curve?
Thats what I am exactly missing, source did't mention the base function of this wave or is just a tabular data.? Realy I don't know.

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