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Breast Density in Mammography Dicom Images

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Ann G
Ann G on 15 May 2019
Commented: Ann G on 15 Nov 2019
Is there a way to extract the breast density of a mammography through Matlab code?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 May 2019
I've seen this come up several times in the forum. Browse the question/answers that appear in the link above.

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Said Pertuz
Said Pertuz on 14 Nov 2019
I hope is not too late an answer. Please take a look at the following tool:
Beware that this implementation has been tested on digital mammograms (such as those from the INbreast dataset) and has not been tested on digitized mammograms (e.g. MIAS).

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Ann G
Ann G on 15 Nov 2019
I have already found a software for breast density, but I will also like to try yours in order to compare the results.
I will let you know of the outcome.
Thank you very much!

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