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Saving texts read from edit box in GUI

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Salad Box
Salad Box on 20 May 2019
Commented: Geoff Hayes on 21 May 2019
I have a edit box in GUI design. This edit box is specifically for puting texts/strings in rather than numbers.
So I used code below to extract strings from the edit box.
data_string = get(handles.edit1, 'string');
There will be a lot of people using this GUI. Each of them will leave their own texts in this edit box. How do I wrap up the texts I got from different people so that each row would represent the texts one person put in?
I originally thought about using 'cell'. I'm not sure whether there is any better ideas than 'cell'.
Please advise.
Many thanks!

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 21 May 2019
How do you know when a different person uses this GUI and that you should save the input text to a new element in a cell array? Could a user who has already updated the array be allowed to replace their previous element? Please also describe what this text represents.

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