Modelling a proportional pressure reducing valve in SimHydraulics

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We are trying to model a proportional pressure reducing valve (ie the spool has forces from a solenoid, a return spring and pressure feedback from the control port) but we're struggling!
This seems like a very common kind of valve but can't find any primatives to build upon in the SimScape/SimHydraulic package. I've tried using a normal 3-way valve with a standard valve actuator but then I can't add in the A-port feedback.
Can someone give me pointers on the best place to start?

Answers (1)

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 22 Jun 2022
From ~10 years later ...
The pressure feed can be included by using a hydraulic cylinder to model the force balance on the spool. An even simpler way is to measure the pressure of the feedback port and convert the pressure signal to force using the acting area, and send it to an ideal force source, so it can act on the spool together with the solenoid and the spring.

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