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How to plot as lines instead of dots

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shdotcom shdotcom
shdotcom shdotcom on 3 Jun 2019
Is it possible to plot this:
n= 3;
f = UniformPoint(1000,n);
f = f./repmat(sqrt(sum(f.^2,2)),1,n);
PFcolor = [0.2 0.2 0.2];
varargin = {'Ok','MarkerSize',1.5 , 'Marker','^','MarkerFaceColor',PFcolor, 'MarkerEdgeColor', PFcolor};
set(gca,'NextPlot','add','Box','on','Fontname','Times New Roman','FontSize',16);
set(gca,'XTickMode','auto','YTickMode','auto','ZTickMode','auto','View',[135 30]);
grid on
box on
function [W,N] = UniformPoint(N,M)
H1 = 1;
while nchoosek(H1+M,M-1) <= N
H1 = H1 + 1;
W = nchoosek(1:H1+M-1,M-1) - repmat(0:M-2,nchoosek(H1+M-1,M-1),1) - 1;
W = ([W,zeros(size(W,1),1)+H1]-[zeros(size(W,1),1),W])/H1;
if H1 < M
H2 = 0;
while nchoosek(H1+M-1,M-1)+nchoosek(H2+M,M-1) <= N
H2 = H2 + 1;
if H2 > 0
W2 = nchoosek(1:H2+M-1,M-1) - repmat(0:M-2,nchoosek(H2+M-1,M-1),1) - 1;
W2 = ([W2,zeros(size(W2,1),1)+H2]-[zeros(size(W2,1),1),W2])/H2;
W = [W;W2/2+1/(2*M)];
W = max(W,1e-6);
N = size(W,1);
to be like this (without black dots and red star):


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Answers (1)

Luuk van Oosten
Luuk van Oosten on 4 Jun 2019
Dear shdotcom,
Looks like you could use surf and mesh for that job. If you need it to plot it exactly as your example, keep in mind that your data ifrom the mesh function are the intersections of the wireframe grid lines.
Have fun!

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shdotcom shdotcom
shdotcom shdotcom on 6 Jun 2019
Dear Luuk van Oosten, thank you for your answer. If I want to use mesh or surf, may I know what are X, Y and Z in my case? The data is generated using the code in the question.

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