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Simulink Code Generation for Raspberry Pi Serial interface

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Christian on 3 Jul 2019
Commented: Shinji Watanabe on 11 Aug 2021
currently I try to develop a Simulink model for deployment on Raspbbery Pi 3B+ hardware, thats supposed to read
information from /dev/ttyACM0.
Usually I'd try to utilize the "Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware" "Serial Read" block, but this block is limited to a baudrate of 230400Baud.
I'm in need of a Baudrate of 9216000Baud, therefore m question.
Is it possible to define a custom Baudrate for the eforementiond block?
If not, ideally I'd like to implement the functionality to read the buffer of a serial interface, reading from /dev/ttyACM0.
Does someone have some experience with codegeneration for serial interfaces so far?
Will it be necessary to create a sFunction for this or is there a unexpectedly simple solution to this?

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