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Simscape Driveline : tractor and trailer modelling

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Rahul Murmude
Rahul Murmude on 5 Jul 2019
Answered: Mike Sasena on 30 Jun 2020
I am building a truck dragging a trailer model using simscape. As for building a truck (tractor) I can use the vehicle body blovk and define the parameters but now I need to attach a trailer to the model. How can it be done? do I need to use again a vehicle body block for defining a trailer and attach it to the truck's vehicle body at the H coonnection port? Will this simscape model resembel to the truck and trailer physical model.


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Rahul Murmude
Rahul Murmude on 30 Jul 2019
Hello, I am not able to solve it. Could you please help me with it?
Can you upload your model? or a picture which shows what exactly you want? Do you want to attach a trailer to your truck? If it is just attachment its too easy. If you want it to perform some motion, then it will be a bit complicated.
If it is just the connection, then you can use Rigid Transform to transform your Trailer block by some angle and distance, then use a joint (revolute) between these block. However you must carefully select your Rigid Transform block rotation, and translation, otherwise it will not work properly.
If you have the facility to make a CAD model in Solidworks/Creo then that would be much more easy. You can easily transfer that model to Simscape through xml file.
Rahul Murmude
Rahul Murmude on 30 Jul 2019
I want to build a vehicle body model in simscape using the driveline library. My objective is to build a tractor with a trailer (a reference image attached from google). Using simscape I can simply build the tractor and run it by giving torque input. (Image attached for a 4x2 and optional 6X4 drive simscape model). Now like a real physical application I want to attach a trailer to this and run the whole vehicle in longitudinal direction. The trailer susbsystem attached in the end is the
one I am trying to figure out.Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 10.28.17 PM.png

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Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena on 30 Jun 2020
I see this is an old thread, but I at least wanted to let you know there are some additional capabilities since you posted your question. There is a tractor towing a trailer demo in the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset. Simscape Multibody is a much more general purpose tool that can model just about any system you can think of, but if you just want a pre-built tractor / trailer model, the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset may provide an alternative starting point for you.


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