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I would be grateful to receive some example of usage of builtin function 'regionprops'

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Maura Monville
Maura Monville on 18 Jul 2019
Commented: Maura Monville on 19 Jul 2019
Dear MatLab Experts,
I would greatly appreciate your help at understanding how to use the output of builtin function 'regionprops'
My understanding is that it would output a scalar value for each selected property for each connected component.
I have a set of closed curves that I convert to binary masks. The attached zipped archive contains some of such curves.
Each closed curve is descrived by the ordered coordinates in a text file.
Each curve contain only one connected component.
However, when i call 'regionprops' I get a vector of values for each feature I selected.
For instance, how can I have 255 'Area' values and 255 centroid coordinate pairs?
I have attached my script 'Get-Collimator_Features.m' that calls builtin function 'regionprops'.
How can I reduce a vector to a single scalar value, for instance for the Area, etc...?
Some correct usage examples of 'regionprops' would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,


Matt J
Matt J on 18 Jul 2019
The code you've attached returns an error. Since the only important line is,
stats = regionprops('table',BW,'Area','FilledArea','ConvexArea','Centroid',...
it would be better/simpler if you just attach BW in a .mat file so that we can test just that specific line of code.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 19 Jul 2019
Because I don't have R2019b, I had to run a somewhat modified version of the code
% Get Area Features
stats = regionprops('table',BW,'Area','FilledArea','ConvexArea','Centroid',...
The result is
stats =
1×7 table
Area Centroid Eccentricity Orientation ConvexArea FilledArea EquivDiameter
__________ ________________ ____________ ___________ __________ __________ _____________
6.6497e+05 558.43 433.81 0.68914 -3.9677 1.0211e+06 1.0211e+06 920.15
This looks fine to me. I'm not sure what "vectors" you are referring to. Nevertheless, if you want to extract the 'Area" data from the table and put it in a separate numeric variable, you would do

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Maura Monville
Maura Monville on 19 Jul 2019
You are right. I input the wrong variable to 'regionprops'.
After fixing my error I get the same answer as you did.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

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