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Grouped boxplot with different lengths

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I want to plot grouped boxplot in a single figure. My cell array contains foll mxn matrices.:
G1: 108x2
G2: 293x2
G3: 30x2
Each of these Gs' are different groups for which I need to plot 6 boxplot for these 3 sub-groups. Any help?


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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 29 Jul 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 29 Jul 2019
You can vertically contatenate all of you data into a single column and use a [n x 2] grouping variable 'group' where group(:,1) identifies the G1, G2, G3 groups and group(:,2) identifies the column1 and column2 groups. Note that these groupings are also indicated in the x tick labels.
G1 = rand(108,2)-.5+[0,1];
G2 = rand(293,2)-.5+[2,4];
G3 = rand(30,2)-.5+[3,6];
group = [repelem([1;2;3],[numel(G1),numel(G2),numel(G3)]), ...


Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli on 29 Jul 2019
Thanks! Any ways, if I want to set up greek fonts at the bottom like alpha, beta etc as x-axes labels...?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 29 Jul 2019
Tip 1: x ticklabels with greek letters
boxplot(. . ., 'Labels',{'a' '\alpha' 'b' '\beta' 'g' '\gamma'})
axh = gca();
Tip 2: add space between groups
boxplot(. . .,'FactorGap',[40,1])
Tip 3: add a divider line between groups
boxplot(. . .,'factorSeparator',1)
Tip 4: include greek letter in x axis label
xlabel('greek letter \alpha')

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