How can I write a GeoTiff file with corresponding coordinates?

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I have the following:
  • a latitude array 'lat' (1x1128 single)
  • a longitude array 'lon' (1x968)
  • a value matrix 'value' (1128x968 double)
How can I write this into a GeoTiff file so that values have the corresponding coordinates of lat and lon, i.e. a lat,lon,value grid?

Accepted Answer

Ehsan Jalilvand
Ehsan Jalilvand on 24 Oct 2019
First use the following lines to create the referencing matrix (R):
% load the value matrix and lat and lon arrays
value = Value_matrix;
lat = lat_array;
lon = lon_array;
% Create the referencing matrix (R)
R = georasterref('RasterSize',size(value), ...
'LatitudeLimits',[min(lat) max(lat)],'LongitudeLimits',[min(lon) max(lon)]);
then choose a name for your file and Write your GeoTIFF file:
filename = datafile('value.tif');

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 6 Aug 2019
You may use geotiffwrite function to write the data into GeoTIFF file. To have a grid of latitude, longitude and value data, first combine the matrices into a single matrix with first element as 0, latitudes in first row, longitudes in first column, remaining rows and columns are occupied by value matrix.
grid_matrix(2:969,:)=[lon',value']; %Take transpose of lon and value matrices
Then write into GeoTIFF file using geotiffwrite function
Refer the following links for documentation

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