Does Matlab C/C++ Graphics Library for compiler 2.0/3.0, support mix language (.c, .m) ?

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Runtime error when tried to generate a stand alone executable, when combining Matlab module with graphics and .c routine.
Amazingly the the following compile command did generate an executable but it did not include the graphics library call as part of the run time.
I used the following command to get the executable:
mcc -B sgl -t -W lib:Pkgout <Main.m> <module1.m> <module2.c>
And I get the fololowing error when I ran Main.exe
error. function call "figure" requires graphics library , use "-B sgl" switch when compiling
I tried various combination of the mcc command but no luck.
Matalb R11, R13
Siamak Mohebbi
Siamak Mohebbi on 8 Apr 2020
mcc -t -W lib:Pkgout <Main.m> <module1.m> <module2.c> -B sgl
Yes, various combination of complier command were tried including what was suggested. The above syntax is flat out not accepted by the compiler (mcc).
FYI: Since posying the question an alternate approcah was implemented by partitioning the application and calling them separately. Effectively by passing this difficiency.

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