How do I concatenate multiple arrays into a single matrix?

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I have a variable in the workspace named { }mk
If I double click on this variable, the variable editor opens and displays the following:
cell11:<8x2 double>
cell12:<8x2 double>
cell13:<8x2 double>
If I double click on any cell, It turns to a table with the names mk{1,1}, mk{1,2}, mk{1,3}, respectively.
I want to concatenate all tables to ONE matrix q, so I wrote:
q=[mk{1,1} mk{1,2} mk{1,3}]
How do I concatenate many matrices without having to manually write 1, 2, 3 until n in the second term of mk{ , }

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 5 Apr 2011
did you try
q = [mk{1:3}]
or if you want all of them:
q = [mk{:}]
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Emerson De Souza
Emerson De Souza on 5 Apr 2011
Hi Titus,
thank you for the suggestions.
It was simple and efficient.
Both ways worked well.
It is easy when you know how
to do it, but sometime it takes
long until you get the correct
Thank you so much for you attention
and I wish you a nice day

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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 5 Apr 2011
Hi. I think this page will help you:
(see the note on the section Remarks).

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