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Simulated Annealing for Location Optimization

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Mingcheng Tsai
Mingcheng Tsai on 8 Sep 2019
Hi, I would like to ask that the simulated annealing for wirelesss communication algorithm.
As far as I know, I can define some random variables for the algorithm to search for the global optimization.
However, my question is that I have two steps for the problem solving.
Step 1. I will use the exact value for calculating channel gain between Tx (transmitter) and Rx (receiver).
Setp 2. Based on the previous step to calculate the best location in the same of maximizing the total rate in the system to put Tx and Rx.
Therefore, is it possible to apply this simulated annealing algorithm. Since I would not have a exact value for calculating the channel gain and only left a symbolic value.
Thank you so much in advance.


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