Always prepend "app" to shared variable in App Designer?

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I have set a variable in "Properties" to share it between functions. Works fine, but I get a zillion warnings.
I have used GUIDE before, and used handles.variable_name to share a variable between functions within the app. There I will make handles.variable_name = variable_name; in one function. In another function I will then say variable_name = handles.variable_name, and don't get warnings that I should prepend "handles." everytime I write variable_name.
Is this a bug or feature of App Designer?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 10 Sep 2019
If by "warnings" you mean the orange underlines of that section of your code, neither. It is a feature not of App Designer but of Code Analyzer, who's warning you that you may have meant to reference the object property but instead are creating / referencing a local variable by that name (which may or may not exist.) It's trying to alert you to a pattern that looks like a potential bug in your code.
See the "Adjust Code Analyzer Message Indicators and Messages" section on the documentation page linked above for different ways to suppress that message if you understand its purpose and know you can safely ignore it.

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