Repeating array row n times with change of indexes

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Hello everyone,
I have matrix of 1 minute data of the household load (5760x2, where 1st column reflects minutes and second the load). I need to transform data into seconds, where every row will be repeated 60 times with the change of indexes.
1min x1 1 x1
2min x2 -----------------> 2 x1
... .....
5760min x5760 60 x1
61 x2
120 x2 etc.
I tried many different options and now I think it's involved in multiplying the matrices, but I can't solve this properly.
Can somebody help me? Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 18 Sep 2019
Hello Jonna,
Let us suppose, the household data is in ‘a’, to repeat the number of rows repelem function is used:
u(:,2) = repelem(a(:,2),[60]);
for more information regarding repelem refer the following link:

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