Global Map Containers and String Arrays in Simulink

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is it possible to access to global Variables, which are made and changed with an App (made in App Designer), from the Matlab Function Block in Simulink?
After searching a while I found the method of the "Data Store Memory" Block. This didn't work for me, because my variables are Map Containers and String Arrays, which I believe is not supported by the block.
I also tried to send the variables to the Workspace and use them with the "From Workspace" Block but again, it didn't work because of the variable types.
So I need to know how to access to global Variables made in an App with the Simulink Matlab Functions Block...
Thank you for your Help!
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Ahmet Sahin
Ahmet Sahin on 6 Nov 2019
I found a workaround for my problem:
I createt a new function which works between my App and Simulink.
In Simulinks Matlab Function Block I was able to call the function with the Matlab engine:
coder.extrinsic('FunctionName'); % On the top of the MATLAB Function
%Then you can call the function
Using this I was able to use the same global variables in the called function as in the App Designer.
I hope this helps, if anyone has the same proplem as me.

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