Can I use Arduino and Simulink for fuzzy logic?

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damon on 23 Sep 2012
Commented: SyukriY on 16 Dec 2016
Is it possible to build a fuzzy logic controller in simulink and implement it on an Arduino board to get real-time readings and actions?

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 25 Sep 2012
This Fuzzy Logic Documentation states that the blockes are all code generation compatible so I would expect them to behave just as any other Simulink block would with the Arduino target deployment.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 19 Apr 2013
Damon: Could you elaborate on "it doesn't work" - do you see errors, or something else? Although I don't have experience with this, it appears that you can interface with Arduino from MATLAB. However, I don't know how 'real-time' this is, to use in a Plant-Controller setup.

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Ali on 30 Oct 2013
it will convert the fuzzy file to arduino code .
SyukriY on 16 Dec 2016
You know, Actually, what Ali suggested should help you. Because I myself can use it.
The link is the online software to convert from MATLAB fis file to arduino ino file.

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Mehedi  Hasan Nayeem
Mehedi Hasan Nayeem on 1 Jan 2016

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