How to simulate the process of stick fall down by using multibody (not fall free in the direction of gravity )?

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See Figure 1, there is a stick A , and xy-plane. The gravity direction is - z axis. The stick A will be fall down with a small disturbance (by wind, etc). The top point stick will fall down in any direction along the xy plane. How to model the process by using multibody.
I am very grateful to you if anyone has a good method or inspiration.
The system model is shown in Figure 2.
My main purpose is to control two axis recaction wheel inverted pendulum by using multibody in simulink. See the following picture
The reaction wheel pendulum was first introduced in 1999 by Spong et al. in the paper ”Nonlinear control of the Reaction Wheel Pendulum”[18]. The reaction wheel pendulum is an underactuated system and consist of an unactuated pendulum with a rotating reaction wheel stuck to the end. The pendulum is controlled by actuating the reaction wheel and transforming the rotational acceleration of the wheel into torque working on the pendulum. The goal of the reaction wheel pendulum is to stabilize the pendulum at its upright equilibrium.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 24 Nov 2021
It looks like you have all of the mechanical components. The remaining steps are:
  1. Model contact between the stick and the floor using the Spatial Contact Force block
  2. Add actuation at the joints for the wheels.
  3. Measure the signals the control system needs (accelerometer signal?)
  4. Implement the control system.

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