How to programmatically rename Stateflow states that are grouped?

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From the command window I would like to rename all states that are in a Stateflow chart. I'll use the following built-in model as an example. In the chart there are two states, Off and On, that are grouped by the Heater box.
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 2.06.11 PM.png
I am receiving the error "Cannot change states inside a grouped state." when renaming the Off and On states because they are grouped by a box. If I simply double-click on the state name, I can easily rename via the usual Stateflow GUI, but I need to be able to do this in a script.
sys = 'sldemo_boiler';
rt = sfroot; % Get global Stateflow object
model = rt.find('-isa', 'Simulink.BlockDiagram', '-and', 'Name', sys); % Get the model
charts = model.find('-isa', 'Stateflow.Chart'); % Get the model's charts
c = charts(1); % The chart we are interested in
states = c.find('-isa', 'Stateflow.State'); % All states in the chart
state_off = states(1);
state_off.Name = 'NewName'; %% ERROR: Cannot change states inside a grouped state.
How can I rename these states? I considered just ungrouping the box by unsetting its IsGrouped parameter, but state objects don't have a parameter that tells me what object they are grouped by, so I can't trace up the hierarchy.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 4 Nov 2019
Edited: Fangjun Jiang on 4 Nov 2019
To handle this,
Box=c.find('Name', 'Heater');
To handle it more generically (without nested boxes)
%% Make needed changes
% recover the original flags
Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 5 Nov 2019
Thanks. My solution for now is:
% Save and turn off box grouping
boxes = c.find('-isa', 'Stateflow.Box');
isgrouped = cell2mat(get(boxes, 'IsGrouped'));
set(boxes, 'IsGrouped', 0);
states = c.find('-isa', 'Stateflow.State');
for m = 1:length(states)
% Make changes...
% Turn back on
for n = 1:length(boxes)
boxes(n).IsGrouped = isgrouped(n);

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