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Protect Code for Third Party Deployment

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Jacob Hensel
Jacob Hensel on 18 Nov 2019
I have a MATLAB script that will be used by a third party contractor to be further developed and placed onto an embedded system. More specifically, the third party will be using our code in a Simulink model that will be integrated onto the embedded system. I have tried to look into several options for distributing my code, however I am not sure the correct path to take. From my understanding, the Simulink model that will be developed will be coded into C/C++ by MATLAB Coder and flashed to the embedded system. Here are the options I have considered so far:
  1. Use MATLAB Coder or rewrite code in C using MATLAB API and supply a MEX function;
  2. Use MATLAB Compiler to create a linked library, standalone executable, CTF (does not seem to be possible for this specific use case);
  3. Deploy the source code as P-code (not recommended by Mathworks to protect IP from third parties).
Also, one of the main issues is that I am not sure of how to prepare my MATLAB script for use in Simulink flow. Is there anything additional that I need to do to my code other than provide a basic function that takes inputs and gives outputs?
Has anyone encountered this sort of issue and may have recommendations for code protection?


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