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Using strrep for matrix

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xRobot on 19 Nov 2019
Commented: xRobot on 20 Nov 2019
Hello, I have some code that creates a scrambled character block of type char for instance
If i create a variable guess = 'hood'
how could i remove the word hood from the block and then display the block again with the removed 'hood'.
I have tried converting the block to a string array using "string()" then using "strrep() " to remove the the sequence and then convert it back to char but it did not work.
Any suggestions are greatly appeciated. Thanks in advance!


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Guillaume on 19 Nov 2019
Keeping your 2d character array as is:
yourarray(ismember(yourarray, 'hood', 'rows'), :) = [];
yourarray(all(yourarray == 'hood', 2), :) = [];

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xRobot on 20 Nov 2019
Instead of using ‘hood’ could I put a variable in there? Say guess = hood. Could I put guess in your code and it would work the same?

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