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Error using fsurf (too many functions) but success using ezsurf

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When using the fsurf command to plot this function, I recieve the message: "error using fsurf, too many functions."
By simply changing "fsurf" to "ezsurf" I successfully get my 4 figures (intended to model tumors).
I understand there is a difference in the plotting methods of fsurf and ezsurf, and I assume that fsurf, if correctly used, would give me more detailed figures. What could be causing the discrepancy? I appreciate any and all help!
syms u v
for a = 3:4
for b = 5:6
fsurf((1+1/5*sin(a*u)*sin(b*v))*sin(v)*cos(u),(1+1/5*sin(a*u)*sin(b*v))*sin(v)*sin(u),(1+1/5*sin(a*u)*sin(b*v))*cos(v),[0 2*pi 0 pi])


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Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 22 Nov 2019
Edited: madhan ravi on 22 Nov 2019
Just vectorize the function and use function handles. To learn the proper usage of the functions that get you into a dilemma is to read the documentation page of the function.
fsurf(@(u,v)(1+1/5*sin(a*u).*sin(b*v)).*sin(v).*cos(u),(1+1/5*sin(a*u).*sin(b*v)).*sin(v).*sin(u),(1+1/5*sin(a*u).*sin(b*v)).*cos(v),[0 2*pi 0 pi]) % just alter your line to this line
doc fsurf % to open the documentation of the function
However I'm not getting the same error message that you're getting and it's not familiar.


Austin Vander Linden
Austin Vander Linden on 22 Nov 2019
I appreciate the help, however I'm still getting the same error.
Austin Vander Linden
Austin Vander Linden on 22 Nov 2019
Update- I opened a fresh instance of matlab and the command works perfectly. I'm unsure what was causing the error message, but I'm fine now. Thank you !

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