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how to estimate the distribution of a random variable knowing the histogram?

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Fady Dawra
Fady Dawra on 5 Dec 2019
Commented: Fady Dawra on 6 Dec 2019
Hello I need help.
We have a random variable and we start by getting the histogram of this random variable.
Can someone give me a code to extract from the histogram the distribution of this random variable?


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the cyclist
the cyclist on 5 Dec 2019
Do you have the underlying data, or only the counts from each bin?
Were you hoping to find a particular functional form (e.g. a normal distribution), or is something purely empirical OK?
Depending on the answers to these questions, the ksdensity function might be useful (if you have the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox).

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Fady Dawra
Fady Dawra on 6 Dec 2019
Hello Thank you for your answer.
This is my histogram and what I need is to estimate the distribution of probability.
I think ksdensity is what I am searching for.
Thank you

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