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Multiple USB Cameras plugged in, only one found - Image Acquisition Toolbox

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I have 3 PS3EYE usb cameras plugged in. I am able to grab frames from one of the cameras, but I cannot get the toolbox to find the other two.
I have tried imaqreset and rebooting the computer, but it will not find the other two.
Device manager shows:
How do I get it to see the other two?

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith el 10 de En. de 2020
It seems like the issue is with the identical names of USB cameras connected. You can rename the USB webcams by following below steps.
Here is the instance where I have a test device and USB Video device and I am changing the names and passing them back to the “webcamlist” function so that it’ll assign new names to the usb drivers. Then pass those values to the Image Acquisition Toolbox.
>> webcamlist %gets the device names of web cams connected to the pc
ans = 2×1 cell array
{'USB Video Device'}
{'Webcam Test Device'}
Renaming the 1stdevice
>> webcamlist{1} = 'sony'
webcamlist =
1×1 cell array
Renaming the 2nddevice
>> webcamlist{2} = 'nikon'
webcamlist =
1×2 cell array
{'sony'} {'nikon'}
Final Camera Devices list will be then:
>> webcamlist %reassigned values
webcamlist =
1×2 cell array
{'sony'} {'nikon'}
Now, since the names are changed, MATLAB will take them as two different variables and won’t override.
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Mert Karakaya
Mert Karakaya el 23 de Mzo. de 2020
Dear Urmila,
This does not work. I chaged the names of the identical webcams to 'left' and 'right' following your suggestion but, I keep getting The camera did not return a frame for this resolution. error.

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