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Hi everyone,
I've got a old database, with folder with weird name that i have to rename to work on.
All my subject are named EC01 to EC50, and i've creating a code to change what i need to change on EC01:
"mkdir C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC01\RTC f
movefile C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC01\RTC\RTC_0034\graph* C:\Users\beber\Documents\RTC f
rmdir C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC01\RTC\RTC_0034"
And being new on Matlab, i wonder if there is a way to "loop" this code, to ask matlab to this manipulation on all the subject from EC01 to EC50 ?
Thank you for your help :D.

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Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 31 Jan 2020
Edited: Jakob B. Nielsen on 31 Jan 2020
There is indeed! A basic loop runs through integer numbers that you specify. You can then convert these numbers to strings - which is matlab language for text.
for i=1:50 %whatever you write inside the for loop will execute 50 times, and each time the value of i will increase by 1
numberstring=num2str(i); %now instead of a number e.g. 1, you have a string, '1'.
if i<10 %see below for why we do this!
mydir=['C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC0',numberstring,'\RTC f'];
%the first time the loop runs, will be 'C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC01\RTC f'
%the second time the loop runs, 'C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC02\RTC f'
%the tricky part is, that obviously when you reach 10 you will get out 'C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC010\RTC f'
%we get aroundn that by using "if" statements.
mkdir mydir;
%from there, make the rest of your code, and add more strings as needed. I wont make it all, play around with it a little bit - thats the best way to learn :)
filename=['C:\Users\beber\Documents\EC',numberstring,'\RTC f'];
%small but subtle difference. Once i gets to 10, you will no longer put in the 0 before the number.
%so instead of getting EC010, you simply get EC10.
mkdir mydir;
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Theophane Piette
Theophane Piette on 4 Feb 2020
Thank you so much that helped me a lot :D

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